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Greetings Earth scum!!... er, I mean,

Welcome Human, to the greatest website in the whole universe! We scour every dimension possible, searching for the greatest stories ever told. It is our mission to bring to you the best comics & collectibles your human brain can handle. The most amazing creations your eyes have ever looked upon.  Here at Killer Comics From Outer Space we are dedicated to running the easiest website around and to offer the biggest selection possible and give you total control of your orders.  Whether you are looking to purchase one comic or a hundred or maybe you want a subscription to your favourite tales. We will handle it all no problem and have it all placed at your feet in no time!  Mwahahaha!   ...oh, I've just been informed you Earthlings prefer to have your deliveries placed through your doors. THEN SO BE IT!!  We shall deliver your purchases to your door! 

I must now leave this planet in search of more treasures.

Enjoy your purchases Earthling,



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